Aikido means "Way of Harmony".
 "Ki" (Japanese) and "Chi" (Chinese) both mean universal energy.

In Aikido the "uke" is the "one who falls down".

These three ultra-short films are an exploration of the skill of following, the joy of falling, a celebration of trust and delight in Ki.

Chi Ki Uke is a delightful collection presenting powerful movement with a still centre; the dynamic yet graceful circles of Aikido.

These shorts are available for purchase. They can be played on your computer or video-capable iPod.

   £ 4.00 for all three episodes

Chi Ki Uke
Episode 1

  Duration: 1:03 mins.
£ 1.50

Chi Ki Uke
Episode 2

  Duration: 1:21 mins.
£ 1.50

Chi Ki Uke
Episode 3

  Duration: 1:06 mins.
£ 1.50

Requires QuickTime